Our Team

AnnExtremely Handy

Our shared mission is to have an eye for detail, so that we can turn every little gift into something marvellous that makes others smile. To make sure that every single one of our gifts ends up being simply perfect, we go out of our way to be creative, powerful, clear-headed and collegial – day after day!

AnneliesCollection Chef

Appreciation lies in the little things in life: a kind remark, a funny cartoon in an email, making someone laugh, … I follow the latest trends and am always on the look-out for novel things, seeking out the items that make people genuinely happy! In other words, I cook up a tasty collection, presented on a bed of beautiful pictures and seasoned with spicy and suitable descriptions. Enjoy your meal!


Before delivering “our baby”, we make sure that all of the efforts and ideas we put in along the way are there for all to see in the final result. We work together as a cohesive team, and the people that put the finishing touches to our articles make sure that the final result clearly reflects the sum of all the parts… and preferably even more than that! Respect for every single person, whether customer or employee, that too is appreciation.

ChristiaanFirst Aid Assistant

 The most beautiful gift is a moment of your precious time. To smile a friendly smile, to express your sympathy or to give a look of understanding… it’s the little things that mean the most! By appreciating your colleagues for all that goes well, you make an important contribution to your team. Plus, appreciating makes you feel good, so in the end everybody is happy!

ElliFeel Good Coordinator

Appreciation is an energetic interaction that makes people feel good. To take the time to listen to one another, and to share strengths and talents with others, is what gives me personally heaps of energy. A testimonial of a happy customer is a wonderful compliment, and it feeds creative thinking beyond expectations. "Do more of what makes you Feel Good", and the rest will follow!

ErickThe Go Getter

Recognition and praise are attitudes. Not just buzzwords. They say everything about you, and about what you stand for in life. Being true to yourself and being genuine are of imperative importance in life. This means being what you want to be, not what everyone else wants you to be. Don't simply aspire to please people – strive for what you truly enjoy, and only then will you be able to truly recognize and praise the people around you.

GeertArtist in Numbers

Giving and receiving recognition seems self-evident, but it can only be of true value if it is heartfelt. A simple “Thank You” or "Well done!" in the right place at the right time can do wonders when it comes to motivation – both in one’s personal and one’s professional life. And it is exactly that heartfelt recognition here at Arteel that drives me – day after day – to ensure that all invoices and business numbers are attended to with due care.

GenevièveChasing Priceless Gifts

Often, the impact of a pat on the back, a nice compliment or just that little bit of extra attention, is underestimated. A simple act of kindness, requiring a minimal amount of effort from the person giving it, tends to generate a maximal amount of “pleasant surprise” for the person receiving it. Appreciation for others, however, begins with appreciation for yourself: you can only become the best version of yourself if you are appreciative of yourself too. And in being so, your own positive mind-set will be passed on to those around you. That is what we aim for, here at Arteel, day after day: adding that extra little touch that delights people! Because in the end, that is all that matters – “positive minds live positive lives”. And that is my driving force too, every single day!

GretaMy job is my hobby

There are plenty of ways to give recognition: by smiling kindly, by having an open dialogue, by entrusting tasks, by offering opportunities for growth, ... When it comes to welcoming recognition we all have our own way of being on the receiving end, depending on our personal values and character traits. 


IngridThe Extraordinary Nanny McPhee

Thanks to appreciation, I am thriving. I love my job, and the fact that I can give 200% and make people happy, simply makes me very happy too. Every day, I get to be creative – on the one hand this gives me energy, on the other hand it also gives me peace of mind. I truly enjoy contributing to the realisation of something beautiful – for my colleagues, and for all of our customers!

IngridSteady as a rock

As an experienced team player in Het Pennenhuis, it makes me happy to be able to help someone choose that one special gift for his or her loved one, or his or her business relation or partner. By picking the right gift for the right person, both the person giving the present and the one receiving it get to experience a special sense of appreciation that goes far beyond the gift in itself.

KathleenBrighten your day with a Smile.

To give, for me, means to make people happy – to give them the chance to dream away, and make them feel appreciated and important. I am convinced that happy faces equal happy customers!

KoenAppreciation Aficionado

I firmly believe recognition taps into everybody's deeper needs to feel appreciated and to be recognized for what we do. To live by this credo, I try to be both self-aware and aware of others. Why don’t we all issue a BOLO or a ‘Be On the Look Out’ for recognition opportunities? After all, you get what you give!

LeenThank you booster

For me, recognition is that awesome feeling when someone is making an effort to make you smile. My personal mission at Arteel is giving people a helpful boost to make that effort and to feel the difference. Because being thankful does not only affects the receiver, it will also have a tremendous contribution to your own happiness. Therefore, start now, not tomorrow. Everything you need is already inside you.

Marie-JoBusy Bee

The greatest sense of recognition is the feeling I get when a customer leaves our shop pleased, happy and content.


Thanks to my 34-year experience in sales, my biggest passion is to help people in their quest for the perfect gift. What I find most important of all is that when a customer walks into our shop, he or she is warmly welcomed and immediately feels that he or she is important to us. Even after all those years, selling still is a passion of mine, and I am eager to radiate this onto our customers.

NathalieLeading Angel

“We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another.”, Luciano De Crescenzo – this is what I believe in! And one of the most important things to embrace one another, and to connect with people, is through appreciation. Today, people struggle a lot to connect in a truthful way. Therefore, it is my mission to help other companies and people appreciate each other more, so that we all have the power to fly, and are able to accomplish great things. I, for starters, am very grateful, because my team and my customers make me fly!

PeterThe Personalisation Guy

“The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail.” - Charles R. Swindoll

RiaInspiring Appreciation Talent

Personal attention in the form of a sincere gesture given from the heart touches people, and motivates like no other.

SofieLucky Charm

I strongly believe the only way to truly find happiness is by enjoying the beautiful, little things in life. And, together with my team, I am eager to put this belief into daily practice: every action we take, and every decision we make, is done so with the greatest amount of care. And whenever possible, we can’t wait to add that “little extra” … just to be able to see the biggest smile possible appear on our recipient’s face! :-)

SteffiSocial Seller

If you ask me, LOYALTY, in its many forms, is a very scarce attitude. Therefore, it is my pleasure to help our customers increase the loyalty of their employees, customers and associates by developing tailor-made solutions. To successfully reach this goal, I rely 100% on my creativity, enthusiasm and the power of recognition because RECOGNITION ROCKS.

YvesThe Analytical Orchestra Conductor 

Understanding that there are differences between people, and understanding that there lies tremendous value in these differences, is key to being a good leader. Life is an adventure in which we can only learn and grow by taking action without the fear of failure. Unfortunately, too often, we forget, that little child we once were that used to be so eager to discover and learn new things without fear. Too often, we forget that we can all learn and grow any time, any place if only we appeal to our conscious will to fight this fear. Recognition done right is a great way to help us overcome this paralysing fear: it helps us grow one or more of the many seeds we have inside of us, so we can become more of who we already are.

JasmienHelping Hand

For me, appreciation is one of the most important keywords in life. By showing someone your genuine appreciation; with words, a smile or even a simple look, you can brighten that persons day and make him/her feel recognized and loved, because feeling genuinely appreciated is one the greatest feelings in life. It lifts people up and gives them the confidence to excel and accomplish great things.

PeterJump to it

A man of few words, always catering to others' needs with a smile and a pinch of humor. Even coming from a very different sector, I immediately felt at home at Arteel and experienced appreciation all around. The helping hands and recognition from colleagues - as well as the great team spirit - spurred me on to grow in a multifaceted job. The customer satisfaction resulting from teamwork and a personal touch of service, never fails to deliver a boost and makes me push my limits.

SofieFrequent Flyer

I'm happy to go the extra SMILE wherever it's needed. You'll find my everyday work in many aspects like organisation, coordination or service, whether it's on support, purchase, sales or any other project. I strongly believe that everyone have their talents. We should appreciate, respect and make the best out of these talents.  Sweet reminder : "Happiness is the only thing that doubles when you share it."