We engage your customers, whatever the sales channel

Our programs tend to work on the basis of a direct sales approach. But we also have experience in working with indirect channel partners such as retailers, distributors, agents, resellers and wholesalers.

We tailor to your program goals

We are happy to help you identify the program that best aligns with your company’s current or desired loyalty strategy.

Some of the typical goals tend to be:

  • Acquire new customers
  • Increase Share of Wallet
  • Profitable shift of contribution margin
  • Retain customers
We help you influence behaviour and increase profit

Our solutions support the two most common program types:

  • The “earn & burn” type of program, which gives you the opportunity to reward total spending
  • The SKU-based type of program, which allows you to promote specific items
We make sure all key benefits are delivered

Our future-proof modular software enables you to:

  • Drive high value behaviour
  • Acquire & connect rich data
  • Improve customer retention
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition
We offer our extraordinary Great Reward Catalogue

We offer a wide and diverse range of exciting and meaningful rewards that will entice loyal customers to happily do business with you, over and over again!

We ensure your success

Our programs generate measurable returns for all stakeholders, provide irresistible rewards, and are sustainable. On top of that, we follow a proven methodology that models your ROI.