Welzijn » Posted on 03.07.2018
6 tips for the most amazing summer holiday
by (Koen Schreurs)
How do you organize a summer holiday that every member in your family truly enjoys? As a female entrepreneur, mother and spouse, this i...
Welzijn » Posted on 17.04.2018
Well-kept secrets about the old-school "Secretaries Day"
by (Koen Schreurs)
The old-school "Secretaries Day" is that day of year upon which traditionally secretaries, administrative assistants, receptionists and...
Welzijn » Posted on 27.02.2018
Thursday and Friday all eyes are on you
by (Koen Schreurs)
Surely, this week must be THE "appreciation week" of the year. On Thursday the 1st of March, we traditionally celebrate Compliments Day...
Welzijn » Posted on 20.02.2018
How to create a strong employer brand in an unsexy sector - a leading example!
by (Koen Schreurs)
What do you do if your company is in urgent need of new talent, but finds itself in a business sector deemed "unsexy"?What do you do if...
Welzijn » Posted on 04.01.2018
3 tips on how to exceed yourself in 2018
by (Koen Schreurs)
As a female entrepreneur, spouse, mom and like-minded soul, it is one of my New Year's resolutions to inspire and empower you, help you...
Welzijn » Posted on 11.12.2017
5 top tips to grow into a happy, healthy and successful woman
by (Koen Schreurs)
Who is not fascinated by a beautiful woman or a successful man, someone who 'shines' and who has made it in life? 'How do they do that'...