Leadership » Posted on 13.03.2018
On how to do it differently
by (Koen Schreurs)
"You get your wages every month, what more do you expect?"This was -  a bit jumping to conclusions - the attitude of one of my pre...
Leadership » Posted on 06.03.2018
On why and how true leaders truly connect
by (Koen Schreurs)
The future belongs to those who are capable of connecting with others on a deeper level. Enduring CEOs and top managers are those who k...
Leadership » Posted on 13.02.2018
6 Leadership lessons from Ethan Hunt
by (Koen Schreurs)
♫ Dun dun dada Dun dun dada Dun dun ♫Some time ago, I witnessed how Ethan Hunt, played by Hollywood phenomenon Tom Cruise, tog...