Engagement » Posted on 17.07.2018
A new look at employee motivation
by (Koen Schreurs)
Motivating employees seems easy - in theory. But while the concept of motivation may be straightforward, motivating employees in real-l...
Engagement » Posted on 26.06.2018
This must be read by every parent
by (Koen Schreurs)
Seeing your child jump out of bed every morning when the alarm clock goes off - impatient to go back to school. It happened to me last ...
Loyalty » Posted on 10.04.2018
A Simple Recipe for Customer Loyalty – 9 Ingredients
by (Koen Schreurs)
In the light of the Easter holiday last week, my family and I decided to enjoy a short but exquisite break at our all-time favourite re...
Change » Posted on 27.03.2018
5 tips for successfully implementing change in a company
by (Koen Schreurs)
'Yes We Can.' This famous quote from Barack Obama was his way to encourage his people for a series of upcoming changes. These words are...
Engagement » Posted on 20.03.2018
The 50+ Generation or How to turn a Protracted Problem into a Success Story
by (Koen Schreurs)
Recently, I was triggered by watching "The Intern", a 2015 comedy-drama film written, directed and produced by Nancy Meyers. The film t...
Leadership » Posted on 13.03.2018
On how to do it differently
by (Koen Schreurs)
"You get your wages every month, what more do you expect?"This was -  a bit jumping to conclusions - the attitude of one of my pre...
Leadership » Posted on 06.03.2018
On why and how true leaders truly connect
by (Koen Schreurs)
The future belongs to those who are capable of connecting with others on a deeper level. Enduring CEOs and top managers are those who k...
News » Posted on 23.02.2018
Arteel cloud platform commitments to the GDPR
by Koen Schreurs
You can count on the fact that Arteel is committed to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance across all Arteel cloud plat...
Leadership » Posted on 13.02.2018
6 Leadership lessons from Ethan Hunt
by (Koen Schreurs)
♫ Dun dun dada Dun dun dada Dun dun ♫Some time ago, I witnessed how Ethan Hunt, played by Hollywood phenomenon Tom Cruise, tog...