The ART of Appreciation™

Appreciation is a tool no manager can go without, yet any manager can afford. And it is a skill that does not take much to develop! Our "ART of Appreciation" workshop is short, high impact, delivered on site and facilitated by a top trainer: it basically has everything your company needs to get the art of appreciation kick-started!

Employee Recognition Keynotes

Over the past twelve years, Nathalie Arteel has not only become an international expert on recognition. Thanks to her many international trainings, she is also a renowned speaker – a speech by her is a truly unforgettable experience! Nathalie knows how to deliver a keynote speech on employee recognition in the most engaging, memorable way, leaving people and organizations changed for the better!

Authentic & inspirational keynotes on how to

  • Turn your Employees into Intrapreneurs
  • Create a supportive culture for Innovation
  • Reconnect with employees & boost motivation

For more information see Nathalie Arteel's website

Manager’s Toolbox

Our Manager’s Toolbox is a more extensive program. It includes:

  • A guided Self-assessment Process so that personal barriers to giving more employee recognition can be identified and worked at
  • A Workshop to highlight recognition preferences of team members so that the positive effects of recognition can be maximised
  • A Recognition Fieldbook filled with strategies, tips and tools to build a lasting recognition culture