Top 30 reasons to work @ Arteel

  1. Our core business: making people happy, stimulating the bond between superiors, their teams and peers, as well as the bond with customers.
  2. Our innovative business engaging customers & employees is the fastest growing trend in marketing & communication and human resource management.
  3. Every position at Arteel offers varied and interesting work, since we work in a family company and have a flat organizational structure.
  4. We work together with small & medium enterprises, as well as Fortune 500 companies, in more than 42 countries around the globe.
  5. Creativity all day long and in every function: creating or composing custom-made gift experiences and developing tailor-made platforms. And whether you're working in our atelier or you’re an employee, everybody is engaged with the creativity of our business.
  6. Career opportunities for advancement: Arteel offers the chance to work your way up the ladder and promotes based on your performance and not your years of service.
  7. We have good and open communication between workers, employees and management.
  8. Decisions are thought through as a team and can be made quickly, with less bureaucracy and easier decision making. We don’t need 180 signatures since we are an SME.
  9. We are a learning organization. Arteel is always open to improvement: you can make suggestions. Our company culture encourages this and Arteel is open-minded.
  10. We practice what we preach. We have a culture of motivation and a recognition & reward system, including a platform that enhances our team spirit and communication. Our company’s values are linked to the platform and everybody can recognize each other for achievements and/or improvements — superiors as well as peers. You receive a number of points for each recognition, which you can collect and use whenever you want to reward yourself with a nice gift.
  11. We get a discount for personal purchases and the product portfolio contains more than 1,500 high-quality products and more than 100 premium brands, from hair dryers to navigation systems to kitchen materials...
  12. A brightly designed open office space with plenty of natural light, where everybody has their own personal space and can discuss in teams whenever necessary or desired.
  13. Our team spirit is great: everybody gets along and is ready to help whenever needed (ex. if an urgent project needs to be finished).
  14. There is an ideal balance between experienced older people and fresh young faces — ALL with an enthusiastic, youthful spirit!
  15. Freedom of dress — we have no dress code, we trust in your own judgment — as long as you wear something ;-)
  16. A cosy equipped kitchen where you can prepare an entire meal if you want :-)
  17. Good commute — close to the highway, bus stop and city centre with railway station.
  18. If you bike or run to work there’s a nice, clean shower — and it's not located in the basement of the building ;-)
  19. We have a charming large roof terrace where we can have lunch on sunny days :-)
  20. On Friday afternoons we can leave the office early, which is welcome in order to avoid traffic jams and get the weekend off to a great start.
  21. Happy Thursdays: every first Thursday of the month our management surprises us with a yummy treat.
  22. There's another surprise for everybody on Saint Nicholas Day and Christmas.
  23. An SME (small medium enterprise) has a more fun and cheerful atmosphere than an enormous multinational.
  24. We have special company activities such as our Christmas party, employee party and exclusive events for our customers, to which you’re also invited.
  25. Arteel has already been recognized several times for their achievements, so you can be proud of us. On October 14, 2010, Arteel was elected SME Laureate for Flemish Brabant & Brussels 2010, a prize that UNIZO issues every two years (UNIZO is the sector organization for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs).
  26. Ownership: a direct influence on decision making processes - the state of having complete control of the status of something.
  27. Continuous learning: we receive encouragement to improve ourselves in our domains and exchange books, CD’s and experiences.
  28. Independency in planning and organizing your work.
  29. You get to know a lot of new people, since Arteel periodically organizes special events.
  30. Arteel shares its profits with the Vebes Association of Blind and Visually Impaired —