The contact was very good from the start, there was an instant click. This is important for us because it is also what we convey to our customers.

Ann Massart  Manager of Communication & Marketing at Alphabet Belgium

Do you remember the first time you fell in love? That wonderful sensation of curiosity, genuine attraction and the need to get to know each other better? The more time you spent together, the happier you felt. Now imagine feeling this passion for your customers every day and them feeling it for you.

On September 23, 2011 the European Commission on competition cleared the merger of Alphabet and ING Car Lease. Strengthening the fleet management division, Alphabet follows the strategy of the BMW Group, set to become the leading provider of premium products and services for personal transportation.

Today Alphabet is a strong player with a presence in 19 European countries and holds a solid 4th place on the Belgian multi-sector brand fleet market. "Our starting point for always placing the customer at the center has helped to internally develop the right attitude", says Ward Martens, Director of Marketing & Business Development at Alphabet BeLux.

"Because of our continuing growth, we were looking for a partner with whom we could carry on shaping and maintaining our strategy in terms of customer loyalty. A partner with whom we could build a long term relationship, and who could meet our high standards of quality and personal approach, translating it perfectly to all our customers. We also have a benchmark study from Arteel Recognition Solutions ready to be launched. Together we have developed an original concept which rewards every customer on the day of their birthday with personalized surprises. The process is fully automated, which saves us a lot of time internally. Yet the customer experiences this as very personal, partly because each voucher is individually signed by the internal and external contact of the customer. This concept strengthens our bond with our customers because we create unique moments of appreciation", says Ann Massart, Manager of Communication & Marketing at Alphabet Belgium.

The program is now 6 months old and Alphabet regularly receives positive feedback from their end customers. The results are incredibly motivating and generate a boost to all employees. Discover for yourself how enthusiastically team Alphabet works.

"The contact was very good from the start, there was an instant click. This is important for us because it is also what we convey to our customers. Cooperation is excellent, both at the strategic level and the operational level. We also chose Arteel because of their strong trendwatching capabilities, so we can anticipate rapidly changing markets and always continue to distinguish our clients. And our results speak for themselves. Our average customer loyalty is increasing and we have never before connected with so many new customers. We are proud to say that we are currently the fastest growing car rental company," says Ann Massart.

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