Thank you very much! How a little recognition goes a long way!

Theo Verschaeren  HRM - AGC

How a little employee recognition goes a long way for AGC Glass Europe site Mol

With their 465 employees, AGC Glass Europe specializes in extra-thin glass for automotive and solar en also in high-performance glazing for residential and building projects. Monica De Coninck – Minister of Work – recently praised them as a leading example for a positive work atmosphere. How they got so far? By adhering to the golden standard of motivation: the combination of intrinsic and extrinsic reward drives lasting employee engagement.

AGC’s managers systematically thank their employees when they demonstrate commitment or live the values (=intrinsic motivation) and let them collect points for behavior in line with the safety norms or for reaching attendance goals – points they can redeem for a gift of their choice (=extrinsic motivation). The end result? A positive ambience that even gets noticed by a federal minister.

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